Come on you Irons
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Apparently Pat Auluck is in town and intending to drop in at Reuben Bistro on Sat night with his friend for the Totts game.  I hope to join them if I have recovered sufficiently from my flu. 
I think Alvin will be there as well.  Now, wouldn't it be fantastic for our other fans up in Penang and Taiping to come over for the game as well ? 

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I think the game is at midnight.  Will Reuben Bistro be open until the game finishes?


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The game is live at Reuben Bistro Bar kicking off at 9.55pm Saturday. The regulars are all going, hopefully we will see a few new faces tonight to watch us beat the Spuds. I'll be a bit late as attending a wedding but I will definitely get there!

My prediction 3-1  

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Aiya.... should have made the trip down.  But then my mom's birthday is tomorrow so that wouldn't be right, right?


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Woh!  Didn't get to watch the game 'live' as I promised to go on a round island cycle ride (80 kms) with the missus this morning.  So went to bed after seeing the line up.  Was happy to note that Cole was on the bench but was surprised that Boar Morte was retained.
Didn't want to read the sports pages in today's newspapers (trying to take a leaf out of KT Chye's book) but couldn't stand it.  Finally I relented in the evening and it has been the best piece of football news for a very long time.  We beat Spurs!
Just read the match report on Teamtalk and will watch the replay on TV tomorrow morning.  What a great day for us.
Read that poor Harry (our Taiping Kid's hero) has got defensive problem.  Why don't we help him out by giving him Upson.  And if he's suspicious we can throw in Cole as well.  Hahaha!

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Just watched the game and we were GOOD.  Have never watched a West Ham side play so good for such a long long time.  The whole team which started was so mobile and fluid in movement, INCLUDING good old Boar Morte.  Grant must have seen something in him which we missed.
Jacobsen has been a great buy.  He has given us security on our right flank and is so much better than Kangaroo Skipper.  He combined so well with Dyer so Faubert and Behrami are history.  Gareth Bale never got a look at our goal.
DaCosta is very composed at the back and plays the ball out of defence very well.  Gabbs is very good at left back even though he's supposed to be a centre back.  I think he lacks height though.  Ilunga will have to improve tremendously to get his place back.
We should sell Upson as soon as possible as he will be a free agent next season, right?  Let's recoup some money.  The fact that both Arsenal and Spurs, though they have big defensive problems in the center, didn't even bid for the current England centre half says a lot.  Even Sunderland prefer to use Anton Ferdinand. Ben-Haim should provide adequate cover as his performance against Chelsea showed.  And Tomkins should have more confidence playing alongside BETTER centre half partners.
I haven't seen Noble play better for such a long time.  And he's finally tried a couple of thunderbolts.  One which nearly knocked Jenas out cold, and the second which brought a good save from the goalie.
Make Parker our new Hammers skipper.  That lad is tireless and puts in so much hard work.
Boar Morte surprisingly played some nice touches and also had a few attempts at goal.
What more can be said about our new front two, Picky and Vicky?  They were so mobile and laid passes off each other so fluently.  We should sell Cole off.  Look at how our attacks fizzle off when he came on for Pick.  He stands around WAITING for the ball and when it comes all he can manage is a touch before he falls over and loses the ball.  His head ons go nowhere as his big head is unable to steer the ball to a teammate.  He has no idea where the ball is going to land.  And see his childishness towards the end of the game. 
Barrera has skills but is not accurate with his passes.  A few more games and he should be ready.
Green is back to his best as long as Spector doesn't start in defence.  Can't blame him for lack of confidence in his own back four.
Grant should be strong and get rid of Upson, Cole, Spector, Kovac who are just not good enough to don the claret and blue.
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