Come on you Irons
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So it will be Stoke on Saturday.
Any predictions for the game? Maybe we should try to
play with a striker, so Cole should be left out.
I would be happy if we can get one point at the Britannia Stadium.

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Can't join you guys at Reuben tonight.  I down with heavy flu and fever. 


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Good point - never easy at Stoke.  Thought the referee was being lenient with a couple of their players especially Shawcross, Collins and Huth.  Behrami had a good game getting under their skin and as a result he took a lot of punishment. Parker as per usual my MOM and was there to scramble our goal.  Should get us in the mood for Spurs next week.


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First point of the season.  We did not play that well but you see plenty of effort from the new players.
I think Grant should know his first eleven by now.  My pick:
Green (even though I feel it's time he got rested.  He's a bit stale).
Jacobson (we finally have a proper RB)
Da Costa and Tel Haim for CB (they both go for the ball - SELL Upson)
Illunga or Gabbidon (Illunga overlaps more but Gabbs is more solid at the back)
Barrera (why are we not playing him?  He gives us width)
Parker (make him Captain)
Hitzspliger (when is he going to be fit?)
Dyer (if he has no spat with Grant)
*  Noble needs a break before he is sent off one of these days.  He makes a lot of effort but he's a bit wild with his tackles.  He played best when Tevez was around but has not improved since then.  SELL Kovac)
Piquone and Obini (wrong spellings I guess, up front.  SELL Cole)
We will give those teams outside the top four something to think about.

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At least one point.

How often did Dyer play since he joined us?
Keep Kovac - we need him in midfield to close
the gaps if Parker and Barrera are doing the
work which should be done by our strikers.

Please, please, please will anyone take Cole.


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At least Dyer shows a decent touch when he plays.  Pity about his injuries.

Keep Kovac the Headless Chicken?  Please.  Are we watching the same player?

As for Carlton Cole, he's keeping himself away from injury and tackles so that he'll be fit and proper to join Liverfool when the transfer window reopens in Jan.  He hope.  We all hope too.  Hahaha!

See what P&O did against the Black Cats?  They scored.  Which are what forwards are paid to do.  Not fall down like some big xxxxxx.

And happy to note that Barerra is combining well with Parker going forward.

And as I said, DaCosta and Ben Haim, should be our two centre backs.  Bye bye Upson.  And I just found out.  Upson played only 26 matches for Arsenal in 6 seasons with them?  Arsenal who used to have one of the best defence in the English league?  No wonder they let him go, he's useless.

Bring on the Spuds or Tootshites! 
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