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West Ham have continued their resurgence as they knocked Sunderland out of the Carling Cup.

We got on the board in the draw at Stoke City at the weekend and we enjoyed another away success to move into the forth round of the League Cup with a 2-1 victory at the Stadium of Light.


Upson, Green and Cole were left out, that's the first thing Grant's got right in my opinion, they all lack confidence and show no signs of improvement. Stech played a great game and should retain his place against Spurs. New signings, Piquionne and Obinna scored the goals and that should keep Cole out!


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What have I been saying?  What have I been saying?  Upson and Cole out.  Out, out, out!  Why have they not moved?  Because there are simply no real offers for them.  GBP1 mil~2 mil.  Just take and cut our wage bill.
Greenie?  He's okay, just lost a bit of confidence.  How to be confident playing behind a back four led by Upson?  And sometimes with the clown Spector also.  I'll be worried if I were Green.  He's saved our bacon more than enough times we care to remember.
Now we've got Ben Haim and DaCosta to show Upson how centre backs are supposed to play.  And alongside these two, it seems Tomkins also played well against Sunderland.  Tomkins is also quite good on the deck so maybe he can be converted to left back since our right back problem has been solved.  We have extra defenders Gabbidon, Ilunga and Reid for cover. 
Please don't play Cole ever again as long as P & O continue scoring.  Playing Cole is like playing one man short upfront.
Same goes for Boa Morte and Kovac.  That's why other teams tear us apart when these two are on the field.  They can't do anything except simple 3 yard passes.

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I just wonder why Sunderland didn't tear us apart despite Boa Morte and KOVAC played for 90 minutes.


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When the defenders are doing their job and the forwards can put the ball in the net, the midfielders - even with Boar Morte AND Kovac in the line up - can take a rest.  Great to hear that Parker and Barrera are combining well together.


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Okay, everybody's happy with Vick and Pick upfront so we can now sell Cole to Liverfool.
Green is back to his top form and we can get rid of Upson as DaCosta is proving a very much better CB and we also have Ben-Haim.  There were a lot of praises for Tomkins and someone mentioned that he seems to play better without Upson alongside him.
Spector can go as we hav a new RB in Jacobsen and have Gabbidon, Ilunga and Reid for cover.
Please sell Kovac and retire Boar Morte.  Behrami can go too if he's unhappy.  Parker should be given the skipper's armband and we hope to see the German guy, Hitzspilger. in action too.  Hope Noble improves and Collison will be back soon.  Barrera and Dyer is great going forward.
We should be moving up the table soon.
Cheers Happy Hammers!
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