Come on you Irons
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Another vital game this weekend. We definitly should not lose
against Wolves. Fortunately most of our players are rested as
they didn't play in their national teams. What about our injured
players? Will Hizlberger be back?
Hopefully Grant will start with Piqui and Vici.

Prediction: 3 - 0 for the Hammers (2 goals Piqui, 1 goal Kovac )

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Hitz will be out for at least FOUR months!  Will we ever see him play?
Kovac to score?  Oh please, don't start Kovac.
Yes, Piq and Obi - NO Cole.
And we must win.  If we can't beat a team in 19th place, obviously we deserve to be BOTTOM!
C'mon the Irons!

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What?  No live telecast for a BIG game like ours?  I'll skip my planned trip to KL tonite then.

And KwilohJim - HAPPY HOUSEWARMING and don't burn the new place down!  hahaha!  But I guess there'll be enuf beers to douse out the fire from the bbq pit if needed.  Otherwise u guys can piss over the fire.  Hahaha!  ENJOY!
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